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Collected External Publications

Machine Learning
On the Mathematical Foundations of Learning Cucker & Smale 2001
ADADELTA: An Adaptive Learning Rate Method Matthew Zeiler 2012
Generating Sequences With Recurrent Neural Networks Alex Graves 2014
The Loss Surfaces of Multilayer Networks Choromanska et al 2014
Dropout: A Simple Way to Prevent Neural Networks from Overfitting Srivastava et al 2014
Batch Normalization: Accelerating Deep Network Training by Reducing Internal Covariate Shift Sergey Ioffe, Christian Szegedy 2015
Artificial Intelligence
NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) Conference Proceedings 1987-
Mastering the Game of Go with Deep Neural Networks and Tree Search DeepMind 2016
Scaling Learning Algorithms Towards AI LeCun & Bengio 2007
FITNETS: Hints for Thin Deep Nets Romero et al 2015
Quadrotor Helicopter Flight Dynamics and Control: Theory and Experiment Hoffmann, Huang, Waslander, Tomlin 2007
Quadrotor Helicopter Trajectory Tracking Control Hoffmann, Waslander, Tomlin 2008
Autonomous Navigation in Complex Indoor And Outdoor Environments with Micro Aerial Vehicles Shaojie Shen 2014
Information-Theoretic Active Perception for Multi-Robot Teams Ben Charrow 2015
Trajectory Generation and Control for Quadrotors Daniel Mellinger 2012
Development and Analysis of a Self-Stable, One-Legged Hopping Robot Fabio Giardina 2013
Fusion of Visual and Compass Sensors for Location Recognition Zhang, Tay, Ang, Ng 2012
Biologically Inspired KFLANN Place Fields for Robot Localization Tay, Tan, Bastion, Zhang 2008
Computer Vision
Distinctive Image Features from Scale-Invariant Keypoints David G. Lowe 2004
Tracking People by Learning Their Appearance Ramanan, Forsyth, Zisserman 2007
Incremental Learning for Robust Visual Tracking Ross, Lim, Lin, Yang 2007
Rapid Object Detection using a Boosted Cascade of Simple Features Viola, Jones 2001
Histogram of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection Dalal, Triggs 2005
Randomized Trees for Human Pose Detection Rogez et al 2008
Deep Learning of Invariant Spatio-Temporal Features from Video Chen, Ting, Marlin, Freitas 2010
Gesture Recognition System for Human-Robot Interaction and Its Application to Robot Service Task Fujii, Lee, Okamoto 2014
Visual Categorization with Bags of Keypoints Csurka et al 2004
Generalized Stauffer-Grimson Background Subtraction for Dynamic Scenes Chan, Mahadevan, Vasconcelos 2010
Computer Science and Mathematics
Parallel Algorithms Blelloch & Maggs 1997