AI News

2016.10.13 Nature Magazine: Hybrid computing using a neural network with dynamic external memory
2016.03.15 Cornell University Library: Demonstration of a programmable quantum computer module
2016.02.24 IEEE Spectrum: The Next Generation of Boston Dynamics' ATLAS Robot Is Quiet, Robust, and Tether Free
2016.02.10 Reuters: US government rules that AI can be sole driver of Google’s self-driving cars.
2016.02.03 MIT News: MIT researchers have designed a new chip to implement neural networks. It is 10 times as efficient as a mobile GPU, so it could enable mobile devices to run powerful artificial-intelligence algorithms locally, rather than uploading data to the Internet for processing.
2016.01.27 Nature Magazine: The Go playing software of Google's London-based AI company, DeepMind, has beaten Fan Hui, the European Go champion, five times out of five in tournament conditions.